Magneto-STYMNew innovative Functional Magnetic Stimulation FMS is often said to solve key drawbacks of established electrical muscle stimulation methods in rehabilitation. Magnetic fields cause less pain, allow deep penetration into nonhomogeneous biological tissue and do not require skin contact. MMS™ does not stimulate pain fibers at the skin surface, thus reducing discomfort when compared to conventional electrical stimulation.


The magnetic fields pass through clothing, tissue and bone in order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. FMS generates strong magnetic fields deep inside the body, causing muscle stimulation that cannot be achieved with electrical stimulation.

Magneto STYM provides a variety of high-quality solutions for researchers and clinicians working within neurology, neuroscience, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Magnetic field therapy was shown to permeate all cells, enhance ion exchange, normalize circulation, and increase cell oxygen utilization, thus leading to the regeneration of the entire body.


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