multi stym eco


  • Four-channel battery muscle stimulation and pain relief therapy
  • A wide range of applications in sports medicine, rehabilitation, vascular and pain relief therapy, and in wellness programs
  • Effective treatment of healthy as well as damaged muscles, increase local blood and lymph circulation, reduce the local fat, and help relieve acute and chronic pain
  • Although they are basically intended to be used by the professionals, their easy-to-use operation makes them a valuable tool also for home use



Four channels for intensive muscle training, aesthetics, rehabilitation and relaxation. Seven program categories. The “2 + 2” option allows one program to run on channels 1 and 2 while a second program runs on channels 3 and 4 (e.g. simultaneous stimulation of thigh and neck muscles). The high flexibility allows you to save time. Large display, a selection of programs covering a variety of indications, simple setting of treatment parameters, and small size make the device extremely user-friendly



  • Sports programs: potentiation, endurance, resistance, strength, explosive strength, Fartlek, concentric, eccentric, plyometry, hypertrophy, stretching, active recovery, regeneration
  • Fitness programs: muscle starter, muscle building, aerobic
  • Aesthetic programs: muscle tone, muscle _rming, shaping
  • Vascular programs: capillarization, lymphatic drainage, cramp prevention, heavy legs
  • Massage programs: relaxing massage, rejuvenating massage, toning massage
  • Pain relief programs: TENS, endorphinic, muscle pain, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, lumbago, arthralgia, epicondylitis
  • Rehabilitation programs: disuse atrophy, muscle growth, reinforcement



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