• Incontinence treating

    Incontinence treating

    A professional device for treating incontinence and other issues in the pelvic floor area

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  • Functional Magnetic Stimulation

    Functional Magnetic Stimulation

    New innovative joint pain relief treatment.

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  • Radiofrequency CPT

    Radiofrequency CPT

    Based on revolutionary CPTechnology™ for deep heating

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  • Pressotherapy


    The ideal tool for the therapy of various lymphatic edemas

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  • IPL


    Highly effective, non-invasive treatment of numerous skin conditions (unwanted hair, active acne, vascular and pigmentary changes, rejuvenation, stretch marks)

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  • RDT - Vacuum therapy

    RDT - Vacuum therapy

    RDT® - Radial Endodermo Therapy

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  • Electrotherapy & Ultrasound therapy

    Electrotherapy & Ultrasound therapy

    Different types of devices for electrotherapy, ultrasound or combined stimulation

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  • CryoVAC therapy

    CryoVAC therapy

    CryoVAC technology is based on gradual, controlled skin tissue cooling, ensuring an option for a safe body shaping

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  • Hypobaric therapy

    Hypobaric therapy

    Intermittent hypobaric therapy in a vacuum sack

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Iskra MEDICAL is a leading manufacturer of medical devices for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and aesthetic medicine.

Currently, our production assortment includes the Electrotherapy, Ultrasound therapy, Vacuum therapy, Cryo Ionto therapy, Laser therapy, Pressure - Lymph Drainage, Magneto therapy, FMS - Functional Magnetic Stimulation , IPL - Intense Pulse Light, and IRF - Radio Frequency equipment and supplemental products.

We constantly continue to broaden our family of quality medical in aesthetic products.

The starting point in development of a new product is to study the intended purpose of the device, and consider the needs from practitioner’s point of view. The user-friendly operation, efficacy and safety are the main criteria in development.

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